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Installing Components of a laptop

20m Professor Messer video, but don't be a lazy shit. check it out







The fuck are we talking about today?

What's behind the screen of your laptop:



Wi-Fi Connector




There are two common laptop displays:

1. LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display)

 Dope 3m video about how LCD screens work

Uses separate backlight with fluorescent tubes for backlighting; mostly retired

Newer models use LED for backlighting

2. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

   2m video about what OLED is

The much more expensive, higher quality, bougie display

These do not use a separate backlight

Other components part of the screen assembly:

1. Wi-Fi Antenna Connector/Placement

1m video - shitty video but gives you an idea what it looks like

There are two ways to replace a laptop display: 

1. Replace the entire display assembly (link with images) (which contains the Wi-Fi antenna, webcam, microphone, and frame)

The more difficult option because of the Wi-Fi Antenna Wires


Any slight break in the Wi-Fi wire will fuck up your internet

2. Replace only the screen while keeping everything in the background

Easier option; cheaper

2. Webcam

1m Video about replacing laptop webcam

The webcam is part of the screen assembly


If webcam is damaged it would be better to use a USB-enabled webcam. 

Replacing a damaged webcam is difficult and expensive not only because it is part of the display assembly, but because it is also attached to the system board

3. Microphone

2m video about replacing the laptop microphone

You can find a microphone in the screen assembly or the base of the laptop

4. Inverter

16 second Video- again, low-budget shit but just know what the inverter looks like

And inverter is the technology that converts DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current)

DC is what powers your devices; think of the wire that goes into your phone

AC is electricity from the powerlines; think of the plug in the wall

(Pics of how it looks) The inverter is usually behind the screen and is easily swappable

5. Digitizer / Touchscreen

(3m video - pretty dope video about turning any screen into a touchscreen with a digitizer)

Digitizer is the component of a system that makes a thing touch screen


Digitizers are typically found in older systems

Digitizers are more annoying, expensive and difficult to replace than touchscreens

Touchscreens need no digitizer and are much easier to replace

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