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Laptop Features








The fuck are we talking about today?

What is a Special Function Key?

2 min Video on what the Special Function Keys are for Lenovo
3 min ideo  on what the Special Function Keys are for Mac

Special function keys are considered keys that require you to press the “Fn” key (for Windows laptops)

1. These are the primary keys and their functions:

F5: Dual Displays - gives you different options for utilizing a secondary screen

F3: Wireless (on/off) - turns on or off your internet capabilities

Cellular (on/off) - enable or disable data usage

Media Up/Down Keys: Volume Settings


F2/F3: Screen Brightness

Bluetooth (on/off) - Depends on laptop keyboard

F9: Keyboard backlight

F7: Touchpad (on/off) - enable or disable using your finger as a mouse

Screen orientation:  (Depends on laptop keyboard) - rotating the screen a certain direction

Fn + Pg Down, End, Home Pg Up: Media options (Play, pause, fast, foreword, stop)

GPS (on/off)

Airplane mode (On / Off) - enable or disable bluetooth and Wi-Fi

2. Docking station

2.5 minute Video on how a docking station works

Pictures of what a docking station looks like

When you connect something to your computer, this is called a port.


An example would be a USB port

When you use what is called a docking station, your essentially creating more ports

Meaning, docking stations are a technology that you plug into a port that gives you more ports

You would typically use a docking station when your system doesn’t have something you need: optical drive (for CD or DVD), network port

3. Port Replicator

4 minute video on what a port replicator is

Port replicators provide more ports for something you would PERMANANTLY need for your laptop: network connectivity ports (Ethernet port), video port (VGA, HDMI), audio ports, etc

Port replicators usually connect via USB or Thunderbolt

(IMPORTANT) 3.5 minute video of the difference between a port replicator and a docking station


4. Physical Laptop Lock and Cable Lock

Pictures of what a cable lock looks like

1.5 minute video video of a commercial cable lock

A laptop lock is… a lock… for your laptop

Connects to a very specific port on your laptop so somebody doesn't steal your shit


5. Rotating/Removable Screens & hybrid laptop/tablet

Example of a removable screen

Example of a rotating screen


A convertible laptop is a laptop you can make into a tablet

Laptops convertible by folding in half or detaching the keyboard from the screen


A convertible laptop that is foldable to become a tablet is referred to as rotating screen; often marketed as a 2-in-1 


6. Hybrid laptop/tablet

Example of a hybrid laptop/tablet; almost as the removable screen -- the difference is in the functionality

Is essentially a tablet that easily attaches to a keyboard; easily becoming a laptop

An example is a Microsoft Surface Pro

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